The Arts

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Here at St Benedict's Specialist teachers within The Arts are engaged in Music & Dance and Visual & Media Arts for Prep to Year 4 and in Music & Dance for Years 5 – 6. Our classroom teachers provide the instruction in Visual & Media Arts to their students and also work in liaison with our specialist teachers to plan an Arts immersion day each semester to further the Arts experience of their students at St Benedict’s. Numerous extra-curricular activities are also on offer within The Arts for any students who wish to be involved. 


Classroom music education at St Benedict’s is approached with the inclusive attitude that everyone has a voice and through the sequential development of skills, has the capacity to build the musical mind. Music is experienced through sound and is essentially and fundamentally aural based. Music lessons have a strong focus on singing, as singing is recognised as fundamental in the development of musical thinking known as audiation. This is a cognitive process in which music can be heard and experienced in the human mind without acoustic stimulation. Acquiring this ability to think in sound also has numerous similarities to the development of learning language.

Music is a multifaceted art form with students developing independent understanding of many aspects of music concurrently, including beat, rhythm and melody. The growth of musical skills and understanding is complex and happens over a long period of time. To be most effective, engaged learning in music needs to be frequent and continuous. Students at St Benedict’s have a 40 minute lesson with a music specialist once a week throughout the year. Our students also are encouraged to join one or more of the following Music extra-curricular groups:
  • BP's Choir (Year 4 -6)
  • Junior BP's Choir Year 2 - 3)
  • Mini Singers (Prep - Year 2)

​​​​Instrumental ​​​​​Music​

The aim of the Instrumental Music Program is to develop the students’ musical, social and personal awareness through participation in instrumental music instruction, ensembles, rehearsals and performances. The following band instruments are taught to interested students in Years 3 to 6 as an extra-curricular activity:

  • Flute      
  • Clarinet     
  • Alto/Tenor Saxophone   
  • Bass Clarinet    
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium/Baby Tuba
  • Percussion (drums, glockenspiel, auxiliary percussion)
  • Keyboard only if being taught privately

At St Benedict's we aim to provide every interested student with a unique and exciting music experience.  We look forward to their active participation in the many musical activities that take place during our school year.

For more information that will assist parents and instrumental music students to understand the basic functions and policies of the program simply click on the link below:

​​Dance & ​​​​Drama​

O​ur teachers focus on dance and drama throughout the school year. Over the last years this has cumulated into a school-wide Celebration of the Arts performance generally held in Term 3. Our talented teachers and staff offer their time to organise these events with the support and cooperation of our community and students. Our previous Celebrations of the Arts were:

  • 2014 The Golden Ball
  • 2015 Light Up The Night Arts Extravaganza
  • 2016 The Enchanted Journey
Our students also are encouraged to join one or more of the following Dance & Drama extra-curricular groups:
  • Bitty Bennies Dance Troupe (Year 1-2)
  • Bennies Bright Stars Dance Troupe

​Visu​​al & Media Arts​

2016 sees the opening of the specialist art and music rooms in the multipurpose hall with students in Prep through to Year 4 engaging in weekly specialist art lessons of 40 minutes duration. The main objectives of art lessons are: 

  • To expose children to a myriad of art styles and ideas from different times and cultures.
  • To provide a wide variety of mediums for experimentation and the development of new techniques and skills.
  • To structure activities to challenge problem solving and decision making encouraging children to self evaluate and refine ideas.
  • To display work individually and collaboratively in the school setting.
  • For the children to feel a sense of fun, satisfaction and pride in their art creations through the hands-on or the children to feel a sense of fun, satisfaction and pride in their art creations through the hands-on activities.

Each term the children will experience a series of activities which may include - drawing, painting, design, construction, pottery, printmaking, mixed media and digital media.​