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St. Benedict’s Catholic Primary School officially opened in 2008 and is now in its eighth year of operation. The school is situated in the picturesque suburb of Mango Hill and caters for students from Prep to Year 6.

St Benedict’s is committed to planning and providing a high quality, 21st century Catholic education; an education focused on the development of the human person created whole in the image and likeness of God, bringing faith, life and culture into our school life. Our dedicated and professional teachers deliver unique and authentic learning opportunities, differentiating the curriculum to cater for all learners.

In 2016, we continue to plan, teach and assess using the Australian National Curriculum in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Queensland Essential Learnings will remain for all other learning areas. Our Curriculum is further supported and enriched by the presence of Specialist Teachers in the areas of Physical Education, Music, Instrumental Music, Visual Art and Chinese. In 2016, our successful 1:1 laptop program will continue in Years 5 and 6.

Brisbane Catholic EducationWe are a distinctive Catholic Community whose unique culture and ethos permeates the spirit of the Benedictine teachings and traditions. Our learning and teaching reflects the global, national and local contexts as we work together to achieve our vision for learning: “We walk in God’s ways where together we live, love, learn and celebrate.”

Every Week
sometimes not first or
last week of Term

8.30am Mondays

Uniform Shop
Mondays 2.30pm-4pm
Fridays 8.00am-9.30am

School Banking

Mini Singers (Prep-2)
7.45am Tuesdays (Library)

Senior Band Practice
7.30am Wednesdays (Hall-Stage Area)

Junior Band Practice
2.45pm Wednesdays (Hall-Stage Area)

Junior Choir (Yr 2-3)
7.45am Wednesdays (Music Room)

BP Choir (Yr 4-6)
7.45am Thursdays (Music Room)

Bennies Dance Troupe
3-3.45pm Mondays (Hall)

8.30am Tuesdays (OSHC Bldg)
Resume TBA

Piano/Keyboard Music
Tuesdays & Thursdays (OSHC Bldg)

Guitar Lessons
Wednesdays (Full)

P&F Meeting
1st Wednesday every month

Board Meeting
2nd Tuesday every month


Community News  

Presentations were made today at the 2pm assembly to the successful Sport Interhouse Team and the Age Champions. Congratulations to Monte Cassino (Red House) for winning the Inter-house trophy and to those students who were awarded the Age Champions medallions (see page 10). Anici (Blue House) are to be congratulated as well on being the winner of the Community Spirit trophy. Thank you to Ms Crease and Mrs Hogan for organizing the two days of activities for our students.

Sports houses

I have had the great pleasure of working with the Student Council this semester and can say that they have been a lovely and talented group of young people who have contributed to the school community during their time as their class Student Council representative. Whether it was putting forward submissions from suggestion boxes from their own class or their buddy class, presenting our WALK on assembly, ratifying handball rules or putting together Rosies care packs, the students were 100% behind the cause. They have been a true voice for the students. I would like to thank the staff who have been supporting the Student Council this semester. Mrs Helen Hickey, Mr Jason Lay and Mrs Ellen Ramsay (now on maternity leave).

Student CouncilNow, we will have a changing of the guard as we prepare for a new Student Council for the second semester of the year. Our newly elected members will be recognised at an assembly early in Term 3.

These are some of the reflections that were shared by the Semester 1 student council representatives:

  • It was such an honour to represent my class on the student council.
  • It was a real blast. I really enjoyed this opportunity.
  • It was great making new friends.
  • It helped build my confidence especially when asked to share a particular message on Wednesday’s student assembly.
  • I failed to score a place on the student council in Year 4 and 5, however, I just kept trying and finally was elected in Year 6, as well as School Captain.
  • I have really enjoyed the leadership role in our community.
  • I enjoyed the role of making decisions & offering suggestions.
  • It was such an honour to be part of the student council.
  • I have learnt a lot about leadership.
  • It has helped me become more responsible with my time and class commitments.
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