Our Uniforms

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At St Benedict’s, we walk in God’s ways where together we live, love, learn and celebrate. Catholic schools are called to develop a sense of community where all people are treated equally and included regardless of circumstances. A consistent uniform worn by all helps students feel part of the community and enables them to show self pride and respect for their school. A high standard of dress and grooming is essential for all students at St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School.

Our objectives are to ensure:

  • That our students wear our school uniform correctly and consistently.
  • That our students develop a sense of pride in their uniform and therefore a sense of belonging to our school community.
  • That our school uniform is accessible and affordable for all families within our school community.

Our uniform Shop is open Monday afternoon 2.30pm – 4.00pm and Friday morning
8am – 9.30am
, or available by appointment.

If you know the sizes you will need please feel free to fill in a Uniform Order Form and email it to Mary.Smith@bne.catholic.edu.au

To view our current School Uniform Policy Athletes Foot.jpg
and Uniform Order Form simply click on the desired link below: