Curriculum Overview

​​The overarching goal for learning at St Benedict's is to educate all to live the gospel of Jesus Christ as successful, creative and confident, active and informed learners, empowered to shape and enrich our world.

At St Benedict's we use the Australian Curriculum to make informed decisions about what our students should be taught. Our teachers collaboratively plan teaching and learning opportunities in alignment with the curriculum in ways that best meet students' needs and interests. We fully implement all Learning Areas of the Australian Curriculum from Prep to Year 6:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Prep to Year 6: History and Geography, Years 3 – 6: Civics and Citizenship and Years 5 – 6: Economics and Business)
  • Technologies (Digital Technology and Design and Technologies)
  • The Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Media Arts)
  • Health and Physical Education 
  • Languages (Years 3 – 6: Chinese) ​​​​

Early Years Contexts for Learning are used in Prep to Year 2 to provide a balanced teaching, learning and assessment program that encompass investigations, play, routines and transitions, real-life situations and focused learning and teaching.

Information computer learning technology (ICLT) is an integral part of teaching and learning at St. Benedict's. We give each child the opportunity to develop appropriate skills through specific classroom teaching and learning within the Technology Curriculum and by integrating the use of a variety of technologies in the contexts of other learning areas, to prepare them for a society where ICLT is present in every facet of life.​

St Benedict’s teaching and learning is informed and guided by the following:

Teachers use the above-mentioned frameworks to plan collaboratively with their peer teachers and Primary Learning Leader to create unique, meaningful and challenging learning for our learners. St Benedict’s promotes high expectations for all learners and engage with the DELT Strategy to deliver excellence in teaching and learning to support our learners as they progress in their learning journey.​