Assessment & Reporting

​Assessment is an integral part of every St Benedict’s classroom.  It is the process through which teachers identify, gather and interpret information about student achievement and learning. Teachers use this information to report to parents and plan for future learning.  Teachers collect information both during, and at the end of each term and semester.

St Benedict’s teachers use a variety of assessment tools including teacher observation, student/teacher consultation, focused analysis (examining specific details of student’s demonstrations of learning), data monitoring tools, formative assessment tools, standardised testing and peer and self-assessments.  Through using a range and balance of assessment techniques our teachers gather valuable data for all their learners. 

St Benedict teachers are committed to an open door philosophy. Parents are invited to contact their child’s class teacher whenever they have a concern and/or want more information regarding their child’s learning. To view our current Communication Policy simply click on the link below:

There are many opportunities throughout the year for the curriculum to be communicated to parents/caregivers:

​Parent Info​​​​rmation Meetings​

T​​hese are held at the beginning of each year. Teachers explain class routines and provide general information about the year’s programme.


Parent/teacher interviews are offered twice a year to report and discuss student achievement.


A summative report, which accompanies a portfolio of students’ achievements, is issued at the end of First and Second Semesters.  Our Prep students do not receive a written report card in Semester One. Instead, Prep parents are invited to a Parent/Teacher Meeting to discuss progress, look at work samples and discuss goals that articulate the next steps for learning. The Achievement Standards of the Australian Curriculum are benchmarks for the end of the year and so it is with this in mind that we recognise the students’ developmental progress towards these benchmarks at this 6-month juncture.

Class teachers send home regular class newsletters communicating information regarding their class and/or year level.

​​​Sharing of Student​​​​ Work​

A portfolio containing student work samples and criteria sheets is collated and sent home each semester. Celebrations of learning in classes are held throughout the year and as well as a Celebration Week which is a whole school celebration showcasing learning across P-7.

​​St Benedict’s School Website​​​​ and Parent Portal​

Our School Website and Parent Portal provides general curriculum information including our weekly school newsletter containing regular curriculum updates.  Class teachers also publish their class term overviews, newsletters, curriculum information and/or learning support materials regularly to their year level link.

​NAPLAN – National Assessment Prog​​​​ram​

I​f you are interested in more information about NAPLAN, simply click the link below: