Teaching & Learning Partners

​​​​​​At St Benedict's, our Teaching and Learning Partners (TLP) work in collaborative partnership alongside classroom teachers and school leadership to deliver improved educational outcomes for all students. The TLP team is committed to inclusive practices and share responsibility for student well-being, engagement, progress and achievement.

Each member of the TLP team plays an integral role in the design, development, delivery and review of our school Education Program, Whole School Curriculum Overview, and School Behaviour Support Policy and Plan.​  ​

The TLP team believe in and are committed to:

  • Partnering with staff to cater for the diverse needs of students.
  • Honouring the centrality of the classroom teacher.
  • Developing and sharing a vast knowledge of high impact, effective instructional practices that support, challenge, and engage all students.
  • Collaboratively designing, structuring, and delivering learning experiences where students can access the curriculum and successfully demonstrate their learning.
  • Working within and external to the classroom environment, providing the time, resources and support required for all students and staff to progress and thrive.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the success of delivered learning experiences to ensure student well-being, engagement, progress and achievement.
  • Engaging in reflective practices to provide productive feedback that drives learning forward.
  • Nurturing a growth mindset that promotes a positive learning environment for all.
  • Engaging in authentic consultation with teachers, students, parents, BCEO personnel, outside agencies and relevant others to ensure students can access the curriculum and successfully demonstrate their learning.

ACARA Learning Resources

​​​​​Teaching & Le​​​​arning Partner Roles ​

In principle, every teacher is a member of the Teaching & Learning Partners, however, the intensive team, who​ provide support to teachers and their leaners in progressing student learning, includes:
  • The Leadership Team
  • Learning Partners ​​
    • Primary Learning Leader - please replace with Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching
    • Support Teacher Inclusive Education 
    • Guidance Counsellor 
    • School Based Speech Pathologist
    • Co Teacher

More detailed information on each of the above roles can be found here:

​We work together to empower teachers, so all students show progress in their learning and reach their full potential.​​