Education Plan

St Benedict's Catholic Primary School is a four-stream peaceful, learning community situated in the heart of Gubbi Gubbi Country. We acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi Peoples as the first owners of this sacred land we live, love, learn and celebrate on each day as we engage in our schooling.

At St Benedict's we use the Brisbane Catholic Education P-12 Religion Curriculum and the P-10 Australian Curriculum V9 to plan, teach, assess, and report on what our students know, understand and are able to do in alignment with Learning Area achievement standards. Our teachers collaboratively plan and implement differentiated, engaging learning experiences in alignment with the curriculum, in ways that best meet the developmental and learning needs and inter​ests of all students.

The Learning Areas taught and assessed by our P-6 classroom teachers at St Benedict's are: Religion, English, Mathematics, Science, H.A.S.S., Health, Drama and Visual Arts.

The Learning Areas taught and assessed by our specialist teachers at St Benedict's are:

  • P-6 PE
  • P-6 Digital and Design Technologies and Media Arts
  • P-6 Dance
  • P-6 Music
  • 4-6 LOTE - Chinese

All planning, teaching, assessing, and reporting at St Benedict's is informed and guided by the:

Pedagogical Approach

St Benedict's Primary School is committed to implementing effective pedagogical practices. Our chosen practices:

  • Relate to the principles and practices of teaching children.
  • Make learning visible and lead to successful achievement for all learners.
  • Create conditions where the relationship between the learning and teaching is focused, generative and responsive, enabling every learner to participate and progress in their academic and social development.​

The school's approach to pedagogy is informed and guided by:

At St Benedict's, our Year Level teaching teams operate and go about their core business as Professional Learning Teams (PLTs). These Professional Learning Teams are instrumental as we move towards school improvement. Our teachers work collaboratively, in and across year levels to improve student outcomes. Our Professional Learning Teams improve student learning outcomes by creating a culture that is: 

  • Focused on continuous improvement by linking the learning needs of students with the professional learning and practice of teachers.
  • Committed to professionalism and enhancing classroom instruction.
  • Fuelled by collaborative expertise.​