Information Technology

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At St Benedict’s we have a thorough and well-supported technology plan that helps students become more effective, critical and knowledgeable learners.  Through the use of 1 - 1 and class shared devices (in years 3-6) students get to experience a plethora of learning experiences across the curriculum while learning about the ethical and legal responsibilities that come with these devices.​​​

With the privileges that these devices afford our students come responsibilities that are clearly articulated in our Acceptable Technology use documents.  Students are provided with education on Dig​ital Citizenship and use different devices, apps and software to fulfil the requirements set out in th​e Australian Curriculum.  Our teachers plan, with the General Capabilities in mind, while incorporating the skills, knowledge and understandings that are required to be effective learners in our digital world.

Our Objectives include:

  • Our students are taught to use technology in a safe and appropriate manner and follow all rules and requirements when in use.
  • Our students understand the importance of confidentiality and cyber safety and are made aware of, and are alerted to these dangers.
  • Our students respect copyright obligations associated with using this technology.

To ensure students get the most out of their experiences and that the devices are cared for effectively we emphasise the point that school devices are to be used for educational purposes.  This extends to the network, Internet and all equipment that students use on a daily basis at our school.​