Mission, Vision & Values

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​Our Mission i​s inspired by our Catholic tradition as well as our Patron, St Benedict, whose teachings, philosophy and values permeate community. We Walk in God’s Ways, and promote ways in which we live, love, learn and celebrate together in our world today. ​

Our Vision​

St Benedict’s Catholic School is an educational community living, loving, learning and celebrating together to Walk in God’s Ways.

  • We Live together by: Community, Hospitality, Humility. Community is built on positive relation-ships. Everyone is welcomed, respected and valued. We are humble in our service to others.

  • We Love together by: Compassion, Prayer, Conversion, Obedience. Jesus shows us how to love compassionately. We walk in God’s ways as we hear the voice of God. We are called to listen and respond to the word of God.

  • We Learn together by​: Work, Peace, Stability. Our work is our gift to the world. We practise peace in our daily lives. We find stability by embracing God in our midst. Curriculum engages and supports all learners on their lifelong journey.

  • We Celebrate together by: Work, Peace, Stability, Community, Hospitality, Humility, Compassion, Prayer, Conversion, Obedience. Recognition, affirmation and encouragement are practised daily.​

Our Values​

Dignity and justice for All: All persons are created equal and human dignity is inviolable. Our educational efforts should confirm the belief that everyone is unique, that individual distinctions enrich and enliven our world and that the individual has both rights and responsibilities. 

Catholic Christian Community: A community in communion that does not exist for itself but is empowered by the spirit to be at the service of others; an evangelizing and joyful presence in the world. 

High Quality Learning: Education shall impart in the learner a zest for life, the courage to tackle it and a desire by students to use and extend what they learn. Critical judgement in different areas of learning should be developed by testing expression and performance against identifiable standards.

Collaboration and Subsidiarity: Catholic educators make use of a ‘shared wisdom’ in arriving at decisions and attempt to locate decision making at the lowest appropriate level. ​

Creativity: We look for creative, flexible and future oriented responses that best address the needs of students, the local community, system and government.

Stewardship: Education should view individuals as moral beings, accountable for their decisions and responsible for their actions, with an ability to seek what is true and to do what is right.

A mutual accountability: As an educational community we report on the outcomes of our work and the degree to which our intentions are realised.​