Vision, Mission & Values


Inspired by St Benedict's, we unite to Walk in God's Ways as a peaceful, compassionate and hope-filled community of learners who enrich our world.


At St Benedict's we bring alive our vision to​ Walk in God's Ways through how we live, love, learn and celebrate together to:

  • Live with Jesus to help develop balance, peace and wellbeing.
  • Foster a positively engaged community of learners.
  • Cultivate welcoming and respectful relationships.


  • Peace:  We bring love to life in ourselves and others, by living more with Jesus. Our prayerful intention to the ways God is present in all things
    calls us to relatively and sustainably care for the world and all resources.
  • Learning:  We work towards continued personal growth and love of learning, recognising our limits without losing hope and accepting our gifts with humility. We listen to scripture and to one another with 'the ear of the heart'.
  • Community:  We adopt habits of mind and behaviour that is life giving and contribute to the good of all, making everyone feel at home and welcome in a community that considers and maintains the wellbeing of all. We come as Guest.​