Class Covenants

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A covenant is a solemn or written promise and agreement to engage in or refrain from a specified action. This covenant is a shared vision, collective and common understanding of an expectation of appropriate behaviours. It is negotiated and written by the class to ensure all students have a common understanding and ownership.

What do all students require in the classroom to feel safe and happy?

The covenant clearly defines the behaviour expectations of the classroom. It gives students guidelines, boundaries and ownership of his or her own behaviours. It is a learning process, a matter of selecting appropriate choices one can make. It is a trial and error journey.

As a class we develop an individual vision of how we will live, love, learn and celebrate together.  We are a "We Can Work It Out" classroom and will use our covenant as a basis to enhance our living, loving, learning and celebrating together in productivity and harmony so all students feel safe and happy.