Curriculum Showcase: Year 5 ITC

​​​Thank you to our Year 5 teachers for sharing some of the work they have been doing around the area of Digital Citizenship and our 1 to 1 Laptop Program:

In Year 5 we have spent a lot of time in the past weeks getting ready for the 1 to 1 laptop program.  We have worked as a whole grade using the LIFE pages and a government website as forums and inspirations for discussion.  The students love working as a whole group, but are also benefitting from more directed digital technology lessons in their respective classrooms.

Being able to share ideas in a digital forum and in front of their peers is starting to ​foster a great feeling of community in the grade and having the combined insights is starting to move all of our students forward in their learning.  We look forward to what the students can produce and hope to see a great deal of positive strides in the way they interact with one another in both face-to-face and digital environments.”