St Benedict's CSP Association

​​​​The St Benedict's Catholic School Parents (CSP) Association 2018 CathSchParents logo small.jpg
​​will participate in the optimum spiritual, ​intellectual, social and ​physical development of pupils in the school by: 

  1. Providing a medium of support, information and involvement of parents/carers in their children’s education and the school community
  2. Developing collaboration between parents/carers and school staff.
  3. Promoting the principles of Catholic education.
  4. Fostering a distinctive Christian environment in the school.
  5. Providing a medium for parents/carers to participate at Diocesan, State and National levels. 

​​​​M​​​​​ission Statement of Our CSP A​​​​ssociation​

 "To build a community of parents and friends that as a group, make a positive difference to the education and development of every pupil at St Benedict's School."

We will always:

  • COOPERATE with the Principal and teachers.
  • RESPECT all ideas and opinions.
  • APPRECIATE all contributions, both in time and in money.
  • ENCOURAGE all members of the school community to be a ​​​part of the P&F.
  • PARTICIPATE in the Catholic education of our children.

​​​C​​​ontact Our CSP Association​

For CPS related inquires please contact our CPS directly by simply clicking the link below or parents of students can log into the Parent Porta​l to review meeting Agenda and Minutes:

​​​C​​​SP Portal Acce​​​ss for Committee Members​

The process for granting CSP Portal access to Committee Members:​​​​

  1. Go to the BCE Community Access Account form.

  2. Fill in your details as directed on screen. Ensure you tick the Parents and Friends option at the bottom.

  3. Click Submit. At this point, you will be sent an email seeking co​nfirmation to ensure the request is legitimate.

  4. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your request.

  5. The principal or nominated staff member will receive your request and can approve the account via email.

  6. You will receive an email letting you know your account has been approved. You will need to wait until the next day to be able to log in.

PLEASE NOTE: CSP Portal access is rescinded at the end of each year to ensure group memberships are kept up-to-date. Continuing CSP​ members will need to repeat this process at the commencement of each school year.