Our School Prayers

​​​Prayer of St Benedi​​​​ct​ IMG_2267bright for web.jpg

Gracious and Holy Father
Give us wisdom to perceive you
Intelligence to understand you
Diligence to see you
Patience to wait for you
Eyes to behold you
A heart to meditate on you
And a life to proclaim you
Through the power of the
Spirit of Jesus Christ Our Lord

O​​u​​​r School Prayer

God Our Creator,
Open our eyes to see you,
Open our minds to you,
Open our ears,
So we can listen with the voice of our hearts.
As we walk in your ways,
Give us wisdom,
Give us understanding and
Give us patience.
As we walk in your ways,
May we be welcoming,
May we be generous and
May we be caring.
May we live, love, learn and celebrate together.
St Benedict pray for us...

E​​​arl​y Years Prayer

Creator God...
As we walk in your ways,
Be in our minds...
Be in our hearts...
Be always looking over our shoulders...
So that together,
Our St Benedict’s family,
Can reach out in love
And ‘Shine’ in our world...